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Made to Measure Boxes - The UK’s leading Made to Measure Box Service.

made to measure boxes guide have created a system to provide instant pricing for the manufacture and delivery of cardboard boxes anywhere in the UK.

Our simple system on our boxes web page requires you to add your internal box dimensions into the fields provided.

You then choose the type of thickness or wall of cardboard, we offer two wall thicknesses, single or double wall boxes. Single wall is lighter and not as strong a double wall. Please choose what type of wall thickness you require based on the type of object or weight you are going to place in your box. If in doubt choose double wall as almost all house removals boxes and heavy duty boxes are made from this material.

Choosing cardboard wall thickness
Single Wall
Double Wall

Next choose Quantity this can be from 1 box to as many boxes as you wish we do give discounts depending on how many boxes you are purchasing. These discounts are automatically built into the final price.

Choice of delivery can be as short as one day, next day delivery anywhere in the UK or up to 5 working days delivery the choice is yours. We do have an automatic delivery discount built in to our system so the longer you can wait for your boxes the cheaper your order will be.

When you click the “create box button” you will see a 3D box on the righthand side of your screen. This box is based on the dimensions you have added to our system earlier. This will help with your visualisation of the box size and shape you have choosen. The 3D image can be moved around with your mouse so you can see your box from any angle.

When your happy with the box you have created click on the button “click to receive your quote for boxes” Please fill out the form with your contact details and click “Get online quote” system then provides you with the final price for your box quote. If you would then like to go ahead with placing an order with us. Please call sales free on 0800

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Made to Measure Boxes - The UK’s leading Made to Measure Box Service.

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Made to Measure Boxes